Marisa Fulper

Graphic9 Web3 Art4

An Empathetic Friend in Your Pocket

A conceptual project designing a user empathetic interactive buddy for children with special needs to foster connection between the parent, child, and vehicle. Part of the Kinetic Optimism team at GTB, I concepted the product and illustrated storyboards in order to demonstrate its capabilities. Exploring new emotional links between humans and mobility, the cube is meant to prompt small moments of meaning for the child throughout the day while serving as a GPS tracker for the parent.

The cube is an extension of the car. The cube receives its automobile consciousness at the dealership when the child bumps the nose of the vehicle.

The cube is motion activated to turn on when picked up, displaying positive support to the child.

Every so often, a different face may flash across the screen as a special surprise.

The cube assists in establishing a pickup routine, allowing the child to see how close their parent is.

When the vehicle arrives, the cube vibrates will joy!

In a situation where the child may have wandered off from the pick up location, the same elements appear on the screen reaffirming a known routine that the parent knows where their child is and that the parent is on their way.

The cube can always be close to the child, connecting to child's seatbelt.

The cube's charger is a little gas tank allowing it to refill its battery.

I created a backstory for the cube in order to inform his personality and easter eggs.