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A Wildflower Navigation Tool

Nichols Arboretum, better known as "the Arb", is a green space in downtown Ann Arbor with a diverse array of ecosystems including a forest, prairie, swamp, and the Huron River. On the campus of the University of Michigan, the Arb serves both college students and locals as a sanctuary for relaxation and a space for leisure. Beside well-worn paths, wildflowers spot the landscape in every shape and hue from early spring to late fall.

Trailside Guide V.1 is a guide to the summer Michigan wildflowers found in the Arb, but have been native to southeastern Michigan for hundreds of years. I documented, photographed, and identified wildflowers in the Arb, selecting 16 for the guide, ensuring every visitor would have high chances of finding most of the flowers. My love of nature and interest of identifying wildflowers lead me to make the guide to provide a deeper level of insight and engagement into our habitat.

Trailside Guide Key to Help Identify the Flower

Entering the Arb

Guide Pickup

Into the Woods


Black Eyed Susan



On the Move

Bonding Over a Flower Bed

Woodland Sunflower

Curled Dock

In the Back Pocket