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No Likes, No Comments, Pure Content

Most ideas, experiments, and explorations aren't meant to be mocked up in Cinema 4D or live on Behance. Some ideas are just that, ideas. And in an internet culture as consumptive as No Face, its hard to value process over aesthetic.

Wishing to counter the seriousness of Behance culture, I started as a art blog and online collective that exhibits informal art and writing. The site fills a need in my friends and I's creative practice where we can exhibit work that is informal and exploratory, work that would not be in our portfolios, in a fun, forgiving, collaborative space. I design, code, and curate the site, communicating with collaborators and creating gallery pages for works. With the help of my friends, the site features cool work and explorations including illustration, collage, printmaking, coding, and small publications.

See the Live Site here.

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