Marisa Fulper

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RAW is a collection of handmade zines made to cut through life’s facades and structures, documenting the random realness of daily events with scattered typography and comical illustrations.

RAW was born from 1) the need to communicate this discrepancy I feel in the space I occupy and the space I wish to create, one that questions structures of power and opens conversations for creative thinking and change, and 2) the need to release the pent up language and visuals swirling in my head,collected and inspired by everyday events. Resurfacing topics include power structures, the patriarchy, nihilism, capitalism, ageism, the search for something more, women empowerment.Each zine contains images and words from a single moment or event creating an abstract 8 page narrative.The content derives from the moment, the space, and people around me there in that moment allowing the id to fight capitalism’s functionality, to cut away the curated self, and to foster countercultural and unconventional thinking.

#1 - Hanging out with Friends

#2 - Hanging out with Friends

#3 - Meeting at Work

#4 - Rebecca's Show ft. Simone

#5 - Meeting at Work

#6 - Missing my Friend

#7 - Post-Bad Meeting

#8 - Existential Crisis

#9 - Halloween

#10 - Yoga Visions

#11 - Taco Night

#12 - Meeting at Work

#13 - I'm Gay

#14 - Meeting at Work

#15 - Hanging out with Rebecca

#16 - Hanging out with Rebecca

#17 - Thank You Thought Filled People

#18 - Night out with Work Friends

#19 - Procrastinating

#20 - Yoga Night

#21 - Weird Meeting at Work

#22 - Library Makeouts

#23 - Bonfire ft. Simone & Kira

#24 - Hanging out with Gisela

#25 - Hanging out with Gisela

#26 - Hanging out with Gisela