Marisa Fulper Estrada is a Colombian-American designer / artist / writer / thinker enamored with the mundane and the surreal. They explore cycles, knotted balls of string, 1° shifts, 10° shifts, echoes, vessels, grey space, self-understanding, and the unlimited potential of shared futures. These explorations manifest as comics, sculptures, zines, facilitated spaces, and collaborative pieces. They are from Ann Arbor, Michigan, have lived in Copenhagen, Mexico City, Detroit, Berlin, and currently call Toronto home. Marisa has a collaborative design practice with Phil Woollam called Faun Workshop.

Current rabbit holes: Knitting, Quails, & Cixin Liu.

Circling thoughts: Nature as Teacher, Creativity + Essentialism = Craft, The Power of Magical Realism, Alters & Retablos, Queer Futurity, Softness, Roughness, De(Re)Constructing, Laborer as Publisher, Collective Practice, Subsistence Farming